From idea to market – competitive project proposal development
Developing a successful RTD project involves turning an idea into an innovative concept, able to respond to current market gaps and requirements, through clearly defined activities and objectives. Besides of having an innovative idea, identifying the most appropriate funding schemes, as well as finding strategic partners to form a competitive consortium, are considered to be key attributes in developing a successful proposal. Through its highly qualified experts and by implementing a systematically approach CENCIRA can shape an innovative concept in finding its way from idea to market.
Services offered by CENCIRA:
continuous screening of research and innovation opportunities on national and European level
development of idea and innovative concepts with strategic importance
identification and selection of the most suitable funding program and schemes
partners search, identification and support in the selection of suitable partners
full proposal preparation (consortium set up, full proposal writing, budget allocation, administrative assistance, etc)
proposal crosschecking and feedback
proposal submission services