Administrative and Financial Project Management
European, but also the national projects are funded through several instruments. Depending on the instrument, the line of funding and the project concept, various different detailed requirements are imposed on project management. However it is often the case that funding and/or the planned activities are not used effectively by the consortium due to an inappropriate management of the project, fact that in most cases is severly afecting the project achievements and budget. CENCIRA is familiar with all the different phases of a good management and administration structure, possessing the necessary skills and expertise required to meet the challenges for the successful implementation and management of any major EU or national framework project.
Services offered by CENCIRA:
Development of an appropriate management structure for the project
Ensuring day-to-day management of the project
Identification, negotiation, preparation and timely submission of contractual amendments (e.g. Grant Agreement amendments)
Preparation and timely submission of consolidated technical and financial reports (periodic, review, final)
Management of all contacts with the funding provider (e.g. EC)
Organization of partners and consortium meetings ( and/or phone conferences, etc)
Administration and preparation of meeting (phone conference) minutes
Development of appropriate payment distribution strategy for ensuring a safe and smooth project run
Assisting the Coordinator to distribute partner shares in line with the project progress and Consortium agreement
Establishing and maintaining financial records (project management tools, timesheets, etc)
Review of the usage of financial resources by each beneficiaries according to person months and financial budgets allocated to different beneficiaries for specific work packages