Dissemination & exploitation

Making a difference
The systematic dissemination and exploitation activities are considered critical aspects for maximising the impact of a project. As a project partner CENCIRA performs appropriate activities to ensure that the results of the project are appropriately recognised, implemented and valorised on a wide scale. While making use of and deriving benefit from all the generated resources, CENCIRA implements appropriate actions with a view to optimizing the value of the project, strengthening its impact, transferring it to other contexts and integrating it in a sustainable manner into the broader area. All the activities are designed in such a way that objectively manage and protect intellectual property rights (IPR) in order to ensure the transfer of the collaborative research into tangible and marketable results, avoiding IPR and ownership conflicts.
Services offered by CENCIRA:
Stakeholder and market analysis
Dissemination and exploitation plans and activities
Newsletters and magazines, press releases, brochures and leaflets, posters and other printed materials
On-line dissemination strategies
Web page construction and management
Social media strategy and implementation
Communication and press relations
Event planning, organisation and moderation (e.g. symposia, partner meetings, workshops)
Organization and moderation of partner meetings and workshops